Arriving in 2003 to Playa Colorado aboard The Crossing as Quiksilver staff photographer, I immediately fell in love with this beach and it’s consistent perfect surf, and shortly thereafter purchased property, and relocated here. I have spent my entire life traveling and surfing all over the world and the magic of this beach absolutely captivated me. Since then I have seen over a dozen seasons come and go and have made thousands of friends and clients. My amazing team and I specialize to help dial in visitor’s travel logistics on every level. New lodging options open up every year to offer you the best choices, depending on your specific needs, as we represent a number of owners throughout Playa Colorado. We offer trip packages from all inclusive packages to lodging only for individuals, couples, groups and families. Advance reservations are crucial as we do book up during the surf season! We offer optional food packages with chefs on all rentals. We are located in a very safe and extremely secure private development. All our accommodations come equipped with safes and we provide 24/7 security throughout the development, condo facilities and on the beach. I speak fluent Spanish and will be happy to bridge any communication gaps you may encounter.

-Tony Roberts, nicasurftrips.com